Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This ... is not so good ...

Hello friends!

So basically I have sucked at this game recently ... I don't know what it is ...

I mean ... ok ... honestly ... I am living at my parents house ... we've been here for about two months now ... and you know that feeling that comes when you go home ... don't kid yourself ... you know that when you visit your parents all that high school rebellion starts seeping out again ... and by rebellion I mean laziness ... because how much did you really do in high school ... besides sitting in your room pretending you are the only emo kid on the block and so no one understands you (hello high schoolers ... um ... everyone understands you ... we have all been there ... we just don't care so much anymore) ... well I was apparently the only extremely lazy one (that will admit it anyway). So that is where I stand ... basically we have set ourselves on cruise control living in a perpetual state of a lousy vacation (don't worry mom and dad [if you even read this] it's not lousy because we live with you ... it's lousy because we still have to work).

That, is why the blog has been slow ... because we have slowed down our lives ... but I had a revelation the other day ... I may not be the CEO of this house we are in ... but I for sure am the CEO of my little familia ... and I had better start acting like it or this impending year and a half will be rough and blogless ... which I know you would be super sad about.

Anyway ... it is not like I will immediatly be perfect ... but who is!

Ok ... I'm done blogging ... and Es stuffed dog really just freaked me out because it looked like a legit dead chihuahua ... so I am going to leave you with some pictures from my amazing trip back east ... I seriously cannot wait to go again!

  Old meets New

love the Frank Gehry building  
 Skyline to die for ...

First street corner of the day ... doubled

 Es game face

I just thought this looked cool ...

Same slide grandma rode ...

Cousins in Northport

 I would live in Manchester

First and only success of the week

  I see you Empire State Building

Janes Carousel

 Brooklyn Bridge