Thursday, May 30, 2013

Peanut Butter Crack

Here I sit watching million dollar listing in New York City ... and I am drooling. There is something about that city that has always held a certain amount of magic for me ... and holy cow ... what I wouldn't give to live there ... across from central park ... working somewhere business-y ... or an art gallery ... oooh ... an art gallery ... I could totally be Charlotte from Sex and the City ... except even a little more prudish (don't ask how I know this ... dark time ... TBS ... somewhat cleaner ... still no excuses ... guilty pleasure of the time). Whenever I had a fantasy as a child it was never to be the princess of a land far far away ... no ... it was to own a Manhattan penthouse with a vacation home in the Hamptons ... call me crazy ... I have never exactly been materialistic ... but I have always had that dream ... and I probably always will.

I cannot wait to go back again ... and again ... and again!

Anyway ... I should get back to the generally scheduled programming ... I said I was going to post an addictive recipe ... since it is getting late and i may or may not be falling asleep at the keyboard I really hope you are ready for this.

This recipe came to me from my beautiful mother in law ... it is for sure Rs favorite desert ... when I brought it down to good ol' San Antone it quickly became a new addiction for my fam ... the kicker is really that is only takes four ingredients and about ten minutes to make (did I tell you that it is no bake? becuase it is!) ... and oh ... wait until you feel that crunch in your mouth ... you will never want another no bake desert again ... I really hope you have braced yourself for this recipe. From the peanut-buttery smooth taste to the delectibly addictive crunch this desert with forever be known as:

Peanut Butter Crack!!

1 c. karo syrup
1 c. brown sugar
1 c. peanut butter
6 c. Special K (original)

Measure out Special K in a nice big bowl. In a sauce pan bring karo and brown sugar to a boil. As soon as it is boiling remove from heat and add peanut butter, you can put it back over the heat to fully melt the peanut butter. Once smooth pour over cereal and combine.  Spread out over tin foil ... or you can dollup it into cookies ... your choice.

Voila! Look how easy that was! Wait until you try them! You might even be able to pull off calling it a healthy treat considering the peanut butter and the special K ... yanno ... just so you can make it more often!

Alright friends ... my eyelids are barely open ... with that ... I bid you goodnight!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hey Look! I Am Back!

Hello my friends ... I have started this post about three to four times over ... not that anything bad has happened ... but no one ever told me how crazy moving is ... or how hard it is having a faulty thyroid ... holy tired all the time!!

But aside from that ... I am back ... and it has been far too long. I'm thinking that I am going to make this a short post ... yanno ... ease you back into it ... just a quick update ... oh! I'll make a list! Ok friends ... this is what we have been up to for the past almost two months:

  1. WE MOVED!! So ... that one is a no brainer ... if you have read my post just before this you would already know this. Regardless ... it is part of the reason I haven't blogged ... here I sit in Texas ... in my parents home (which I will explain next) ... and we live here ... we have a routine ... we have a schedule ... we have a new ward with new people to meet ... it is so crazy to even think about.
  2. We decided to live with my parents for a while ... yea ... I think that I am the one, surprisingly, having the most difficult time with this ... But R and I made the executive decision to camp out here for about a year and a half ... for multiple reasons ... number one being that renting here is ridiculously expensive ... and number two being that if we bite the bullet and do this then we will be completely out of debt and have a little down payment for a house. It may be difficult ... but we don't exactly have a terrible set up here ... my baby bro may have the biggest room ... but ours isn't too shabby ... we are able to have a couch and our TV ... I have also hung up pictures so it feels a little more like home ... maybe I will take a picture of our now studio living quarters to show you. E has her own room still ... she is shacking up in the office ... which has still somehow managed to remain an office even though it is now filled with pink. Now, we are not getting off scott free ... we pay rent that almost matches that which we paid in Logan ... I am also expected to cook and clean and R works outside ... but it does save us money ... and for that we will be eternally grateful for the selflessness of my parents. When this is all over we intend to build a house ... so there is light at the end of this tunnel ... and we have gotten along so far ... we will see what this next year and a half brings us.
  3. R is in love with his job. By far this was the thing I was most scared of ... like, seriously ... here this man is ... looking to shake up his career ... but only looking in Texas because I have family there ... and to my relief he really seems to love it! All the stress he carried around in Logan because of his job has completely disapated ... he has gone into this job with a new attitude ... and it has so helped ... his confidence levels have shot through the roof because he knows he has this ... and it has provided him the ability to make friends and to completely own his job ... just like I knew he always could. I love him ... and it just makes me feel so good to see him so happy and be so succesful.
  4. I went and got my second blood work done for my hypothyroidism ... and it is still bum ... which means who knows what right now because I have yet to find a doctor here ... the lab I went to still hasn't contacted my doctor ... or if they have I haven't heard back ... I should call them tomorrow ... anywho ... I was talking to the beloved Cunninghams last night and I was telling them that I know I don't have cancer or diabetes or anything like that ... but this is seriously something so frusterating to have ... before I had experienced the symptoms I never thought twice about it because my mom has had it for as long as I can remember ... however, now my butt is really getting kicked. The two symptoms that have really affected me have been the weight gain and the tiredness ... The former was the most frusterating for me ... only because when we moved here we jumped into a diet of mostly fruits and veggies (we modified the eat to live diet to include lean meats for dinners) and I was watching as everyone around me was dropping the pounds and I was staying the same ... R and daddy werent even exercising ... and I have been ( that is one of my favorite things about being in Texas is the use of the gym ... I love taking the classes with my mom!) and I have been swimming ... This week I finally beat my thyroid ... I lost weight ... and it felt really good ... slowly but surely I will beat the weight side of this thyroid problem. Now what is the most frusterating is the tiredness ... I never feel like I have enough energy to do anything ... every time I sit down I could be asleep within five minutes ... I sleep every time E has her quiet time ... I fall asleep at night around ... nine to nine thirty (I am super pushing it right now ... sorry if my grammar sucks ... but man I am so tired!) ... That is another reason I haven't blogged ... before I used my time when E went to bed as the time to blog ... but now I fall asleep before she does. Eventually everything will get under control ... I am super opptomistic because it is not like this is going to kill me ... I see my mom and my aunts live with it everyday ... it is just getting everything regulated that is difficult ... but it will come.
Welp ... that's it ... I know ... I have yet to update E ... but believe me ... I have a whole post about that coming up super soon ... I also have an amazing addictive desert recipe, a tribute to my beautiful mother in law, to post! So there is a lot that will be coming ... get excited! I will try super hard to not let sleep get the better of me and will be better about posting ... you have not gotten rid of me yet bloggo world ... I am here to write another day!

Have a fantastic evening my friends!