Thursday, November 7, 2013

work ... work ... work ...

Now that I have decided to bring work home with me every night ... so I can feel better about contributing a higher amount to debt ... especially since I seem to be the one complaining the most about bunkin at the rents house ... it has left we with very little time to do the things I love ... cooking has been reduced to spaghetti and meat balls and Hawaiian haystacks ... I haven't touched a single craft in weeks ... and my writing has become disgustingly sparse ... not only on this poor limping along blog ... but also in two out of the three notebooks that seem to always be with me (that was my nerd confession).

Another down side to this whole work thing ... in a subject opposite of my field of study and desire ... is that my brain is fried ... I mean ... it's not like this job is hard ... in fact ... just the opposite ... I could be learning more from an episode of Dawson's Creek ... that could be a joke ... depending on whether my boss is reading this or not ... it is monotonous ... that is not a joke. I shouldn't talk so bad about something that is helping us reach our goal ... I am grateful for it ... but come on ... I am allowed to hold a little disdain for something that holds no interest for me (no, I am not stuck with this job ... I know I am free to go and find something else ... but you try to find something that accommodates hours so well ... wow ... I really shouldn't complain)

So, that gives you some sort of insight into the world of Amy Combe ... not exciting ...

Hopefully the next post will be more exhilarating!

Have a good night friends!