Advice on Life

I may not have the hardest life there is to have ... but I think I have had a lot of experiences that can help people ... choose to read if you like ... If you have different opinion I welcome comments and thoughts ... I love hearing feedback to my rambling! (ordered Newest to Oldest)

  1. Changes may be little, but they come
  2. Babies Don't Fix Things
  3. Follow your dreams
  4. Don't let people bother you
  5. How to stop your kiddo from throwing a fit
  6. Step mom dread and words of encouragement 
  7. Being thankful after Thanksgiving
  8. Divorce ... flashes of remembrance
  9. Finances
  10. I am a step-mom
  11. Divorce story
  12. Try not to feel guilty when you need some alone time
  13. I am a Mormon ... But I'm not perfect ... And I DO NOT have to be 
  14. Step mom = bad guy