Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The exodus of the Combe Clan ... part deux

The time has come the Walrus said
To talk of many things
Of shoes and ships and sealing wax
Of cabbages and kings 
And if the sea is boiling hot
And whether pigs have wings
                                          -Lewis Carroll

If you are frequent readers of this blog then you know that when I have a secret I have a hard time blogging ... like ... I can't even post a dang recipe ... I think I am afraid it is going to slip out ... but ... the time has come. 

R has accepted a job in San Antonio ... we are moving back to Texas ... in two weeks ... well ... a little less. I mean ... I don't even know if I am excited yet ... it is all happening so fast!

Let me tell you the story ... E and I were in Texas ... it was the second week ... I got a call on Wednesday from R ... yanno ... just a nightly phone call to express love and all that ... ha ... well he hits me with "oh hey, I've applied for about five jobs in San Antonio tonight" ... what ... R and I had decided about two weeks before that we were no longer going to try to find a job ... we had been trying for a year and nothing had come up ... we were just going to be happy with where we were at ... it was obvious that Heavenly Father had a different plan for us. But he did it ... he applied ... Thursday came and R got a call from Frost Bank (one of the places he applied to the night before) ... they just wanted to double check his contact information, make sure everything was correct ... at the end of that conversation they told him they would call him in the next couple of weeks to set up a phone interview ... then came Friday ... they called to set up a phone interview for Monday. After around thirty minutes of a phone interview they closed by saying that there was another lady who needed to interview him but couldn't be there currently ... again they would call in the next couple of weeks to set up another phone interview ... again they called him the next day ... but not to set up another phone interview ... they called saying that they wanted to fly him down for a face to face interview ... it was set up for Tuesday the week later. When Tuesday came it came with a storm ... Rs flight got cancelled ... but for mechanical reasons ... we found out later that day that the canyon that we drive through to get to the airport was getting hit hard with snow and ice ... he might have missed his flight ... or worse ... Frost Bank scheduled a new flight for the very next day. So Wednesday came ... I was sick to my stomach all day ... apparently the interviewer only took five minutes with R then the HR lady came back in with an offer ... he countered ... two hours later they accepted ... and here we are ... six days out from the offer and preparing to move ... in eleven days. 

Overwhelmed? Why yes ... thanks for asking ... ha! Ok ... since R and I don't really have that much stuff (I know ... with previous marriages how could that be? Well ... I gave a lot of my stuff from that situation to the DI and R let his ex have practically all of it too ... we weren't so intelligent after we divorced) ... packing should be easy ... I have the truck ordered and ready for us ... my sister is coming up to help ... everything is just falling into place ... but like I said before ... I don't know if I am excited yet ... it hasn't hit me ... it is all going so fast!

Well ... I will try to post as much as I can before we move ... I should be able to do it ... don't worry ... but if keeping up is a little difficult than I know you will understand!

In other news ... E just had good touch bad touch week at school and can I tell you how amazingly helpful it is ... especially with how much she has been through ... some parents think that programs like that in schools are controversial ... but really ... E has learned so much in only a week long program ... I won't go into details ... but E has had experiences with this already ... and honestly I think that with the way this world has been going it is very beneficial for all children to have this information. With me, I just found out that I have hypothyroid whatever ... so apparently when I said I gained fifteen pounds after getting E it actually wasn't stress ... it was my thyroid ... which is nice I guess ... at least I know that I actually have been eating healthy.

Well ... that's all folks! Have a wonderful night