Sunday, December 2, 2012

oh my heck ... a week again

The holidays must have me scatter-brained or something ... I cannot seem to write on this dang thing ... oh wait ... I know what has happened ... I have been bitten by the bug ... the video game bug ... Last Saturday R got the new Assassin's Creed ... Normally I don't play video games ... not because I don't like them ... but because I will get addicted ... don't ask me why ... I just really like playing them ... and once I get playing one it becomes all I think about ... therefore I stay away (facebook, instagram, and blog-stalking are all the addiction I need right now) ... So ... this week ... I haven't stayed away ... every night I have made the conscious decision to play ... R thinks it's cute so he likes to watch me ... I get tuckered out by ten anyway these days. So I have played ... instead of written ... so sue me ... I will catch up now ... hello at least two posts ... maybe three!

So ... lets first do a catch up session ... a mini session ... so ... those of you who have seen me have commented about my glasses ... or lack thereof. When I saw my best friend on Thursday I told her the reason I haven't blogged about my eyes yet ... I haven't been brave enough ... I know what you are thinking ... how can someone who bears their soul about everything in their life not talk about the wellness of her eyes? Well ... the reason ... I don't want to sound like a complainer ... losing my sight is dang near the top of my list of biggest fears ... and apparently I could be headed that way ... but I digress ... I will start from the beginning ... I talked about the infiltrates (the white blood cell snowflakes) ... then the bumps on my eyes ... I talked about being stuck in glasses ... but what you haven't heard in the rest ... so here goes ... I went to the eye doctor for a third and final time last Wednesday ... everything was looking good as far as my infection went ... He was about to dilate my eyes for the exam (after he checked to see that everything was back to normal) ... but then he saw something ... He told me that he wanted to take a picture instead ... he told me that he would pay for it (yeaaa ... you know something is up when a doctor tells you he will pay for something) ... so he took the pictures and we went about the rest of the appointment ... at the very end he told me why he wanted to take those pictures ... apparently he is highly suspicious of me having crystals growing in my nerves ... ok .. so what does that mean ... apparently there is a pin hole where nerves pass through and connect to your brain ... my hole is mounded ... there also appears to be little white things inside my nerves ... these things ... if they are crystals ... hold the possibility of growing in a way that will sever my nerve and will cause me to lose my sight ... good ol' doc has ordered me to get an ultrasound on my eyes to see if his suspicious are correct ... here's the kicker ... even if his suspicions are correct there is nothing they can do about it ... the whole eye technology hasn't advanced enough to do anything about ... the best thing he would be able to do for me is give me an eye drop for glaucoma patients that strengthen the nerve ... then we pray that these crystals don't grow too much. So yea ... not scary ... well ... for me it is ... but what I really hate is complaining ... I know in this blog I talk about hard things (and some of it may sound complainy) ... but that is purely to help others in similar situations .. yanno ... get the word out ... maybe make it easier for someone. Either way ... I will just say that is ridiculous that I am falling apart at 24 years old ... especially my eyes ... I don't now how long I maintained it ... but for my whole life I have always said that my favorite thing about myself is my eyes. .

Ok ... away from complaining! Lets talk about happy things! The week went on as usual ... we built forts and played with makeup ... we gone to the library and been blessed enough that it has not snowed yet and so we got to play outside with our friends! We went down to Ogden on Thursday and made invitations to my dear semi-sister (my bff's little sister) baby shower (holy cow ... her baby bump is adorable!) ... and saw my wonderful father in law Kirk who had surgery on his knee on Monday! Yesterday was mega fun though ... We ... and I mean as whole family when I say we this time ... got the opportunity to go with our wonderful friends the Swopes down to see the lights on Temple Square ... LOVE! It was so much fun (we really missed you Deans family!) ... not only did we see the lights and go to City Creek ... but we rode the train to do it! I know I keep saying it ... but it was so much fun! First ... the Swopes are great company ... I never feel like we run out of things to talk about ... and they have a little girl a little younger that E ... so we all have people to chill with ... R was a little anti-social ... but only because he has been so ridiculously stressed at work these past couple of weeks ... his brain never functions quite right when he is stressed about work ... we still love him though!

R leaves on Tuesday for New York ... for ten days ... might as well be an eternity ... it is Suffolk county's go live ... usually R goes alone or with one other person ... this time there is five ... needless to say my New Yorkers didn't let me down in the temperament department ... This is a huge project for R and his company ... they specifically asked for R to come out ... and now he is the one they are yelling at ... it is all skeewompous ... stress ... I feel bad for him ... I was going to go with R for a week since this is such a long trip ... but I decided to do the responsible thing and stay ... E will be missing a lot of school when we go to Texas for Christmas (just wait for the recipes coming from the blog when we are there ... I have said my dad is a seriously amazing chef ... you will see) ... and so I decided to stay ... besides ... R will be so busy I will never see him ... he is expected to work until seven at night at the office and then after for things that need to be finished before the next day begins ... he will have no time ... and me being there ... I mean ... I will want to steal him away as often as I can ... I mean ... it is my very favorite place in the world ... Long Island and Manhattan ... love ... I will want to show him everything ... so we have decided that we will make a trip of it together ... that way he won't have to work ... he can meet both people from my moms side and my dads side ... and he can feel the amazing electric energy of the city! We will go somewhat soon ... so don't worry family ... we will be there!

And now ... I leave you with pictures to end this post:

I showed the makeup on facebook ... here is the hair that I did to go with it (after I discovered here)

Soccer player maybe?

Fort ... took up almost our entire living room ... when R is gone we plan on making it again and sleeping in it!


The conductor guy with no teeth let the girls see where they run the train

The girls got a set of seats all to themselves

R and I on the train

City Creek Mall

Girls with tired little legs can hop rides with their daddys! (unfortunately this is practically the only picture I got of the Swopes ... the profile of Jared ... friend fail!)

family in temple square

One more just for fun

This is just one tree ... holy cow ... can you imagine how long that would take?!?!

... I love to see the temple ... 

Girls waiting for the "crazy" train ... aka: the trax that takes us to the other train

This poor guy ... there were no other seats on the train ... the girls were barking like dogs and climbing over the table and asking to play his phone ... good birth control ... he was a good sport though ... and we adults sure got a good laugh out of it!