Friday, October 19, 2012

Brown Sugar Garlic Chicken

So ... this is just going to be a random post .. I may throw a recipe in at the end ... I mean ... I have around three to publish ... I have just been a slacker in the blog department!

Oh my heck ... another place I have been a slacker ... picture taking ... no joke ... I could wring my own neck for all the photo ops I've missed these past two days along (if you follow me on instagram ... or facebook ... I have been going on a photo binge for the past couple of hours ... sorry ... ok ... not sorry ... they are cute [I may be bias]). I mean ... there have been some fun happenings at the Combe residence ... Yesterday we had some kiddos and their mommies over to bake and decorate sugar cookies (all thanks to my friend Sarah who put it together [OH ... and no joke ... totally had to go grocery shopping an hour before because not only were we out of food ... but we were out of toilet paper ... try having people over like that! ... fastest shopping trip ever]) ... really though ... the flour was everywhere (especially on the shirts of the little ones) ... frosting was flying (purple, green, orange, black, and blue) ... orange, purple, and black sprinkles were dumped all over some cookies then sparsely laid over others ... faces were all smiles through crumbs and frosting as the kiddos tasted their very first cookie. What a day ... thank you moms for bringing your kids ... and yourselves ... you all filled our home with joy, laughter, and good company ... we will for sure have to do it again some day soon ... Christmas cookies maybe (I guess that doesn't make for a soon get together ... but I couldn't think of another holiday [if we even need a holiday ... because I don't think we do] off the cuff that you make cookies for)!

Another thing I forgot to take pictures of (I know ... if I wasn't kicking myself enough already for the cookie party) was our family trip to the pumpkin patch! This was the first time R and I took E ... Her eyes were so wide as she riffled through the boxes of "baby" pumpkins (really the medium sized ones) that I could have sworn they were about to pop out of her head! She carefully picked out her pumpkin ... which I refer to as the runt of the box ... seriously ... the smallest "medium" pumpkin I have ever seen ... She held that pumpkin like a baby ... sometimes talking to it (no joke) ... patiently ... as she waited for R and I to pick our own ... when we got into the car she refused to let us put it in the trunk with the other pumpkins ... she had to hold it on her lap ... yes ... she did get dirt everywhere ... but what is a little dirt to the safety of a baby pumpkin right? When we got home she gingerly laid it down in front of the pumpkins around out front door ... "fits right in" she said ... tomorrow we will bring all our precious finds over to grandmas where they will wait for the impending competition that comes every year at grandma's annual Halloween party (yes ... R wins every year ... yes ... his family hates him a little for the following half our ... yes ... we love it)!

So that's it! See what I did there ... I tried to paint a picture with my words ... get it ... because I had no pictures ... ha! But that was our last couple of days! I hope you enjoyed!

And now a recipe ... I wanted to post the recipe to the sugar cookies and frosting we used to tie it in ... but not only did I not take pictures ... but I think I should get clearance from my beautiful mother-in-law who provided me with the recipes ... and so rather I will give you the recipe to this chicken that has been floating around pinterest ... found originally over at ... which is also known as Es favorite chicken ... but for the benefit of the public who read this blog we will just call it:

Brown Sugar Garlic Chicken:

4 chicken breasts
4 cloves garlic
3 tbsp olive oil
4 tbsp brown sugar 

Preheat oven to 500 degrees. Let chicken thaw. Mince garlic then sautee in olive oil. Once Garlic is goldeny-brown stir in brown sugar. Place chicken in baking dish and spread garlic/sugar mixture over the chicken. Bake for 15-30 minutes. Devour (believe me ... you will)

And finally ... For some of you this picture will be a repeat ... but Es face kills me ... so I had to post it. Our little four year old is so independent that I let her help mince the garlic ... its her favorite job: