Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pumpkin Party!

So ... it's late ... I know ... believe me ... I know ... with my new body schedule (more like military regime it has forcibly had me abide to) I would generally be asleep two and a half hours ago ... but even this divorcee-step-mommy-full time housewife gets some wild and fun times too (ok ok ...we don't go wild ... well ... a little we do)!

We dropped E off halfway to her moms (no, she did not have to hitchhike the rest of the way ... she is only four ... it's just our meeting place) which meant that we get to have a date night! Of course we took full advantage (I mean ... what is better than dipped ice cream cones from Macey's [grocery store] and driving by the temple [we couldn't find a good parking spot {hard these days} at ten o'clock at night]) ... But I promise tonight was better (depending on who you ask)! My dear best friend, her hubs, and our sisters came up to party with us! Everything done was her idea ... but I assure you ... it was a blast ... it always is when we get together!

So tonight we went to the pumpkin patch (I'm just gonna say it ... everyone was lame except R and I ... they just stayed by the pumpkins already picked ... R and I totally wandered throughout the patch and got to pick our own perfect pumpkins!) ... If you are looking to do this in Logan ... the place across from Ted's gas station (old, broken down) is the place to go (Allison - they are finally letting people wander ... I was going to text you when we got there and found out ... but then I realized I don't have your number ... that should change!).

What you should know about Christen ... and I am almost positive I have said this before ... is that she is an amazing chef ... seriously ... and so she made sure she stocked her car with goodies for us to eat ... holy caramel popcorn to die for ... I'll try to get the recipe from her and ask if I can share it ... because it is fabulous! But what we didn't think to get was pumpkin carving stuff (thank goodness ... I'm not exactly the biggest fan of the guts inside ... yuck) ... so we decided to paint them! They turned out great ... well ... I kinda got bored halfway through and so only the front side of my pumpkin is done ... short attention span! But that's ok because everything is an adventure when Erin and Heather are around! Holy crap ... they kill me ... so hilarious! We ended the night with a movie ... it was supposed to be Hocus Pocus (the only Halloween movie I really watch) ... but R was dying to see the first Sherlock Holmes ... and they had it ... so we watched it ... pretty good movie!

Anyway ... It's late ... so this is all rambling word vomit (worse than before ... when I'm tired exclamation marks fly like birds fly south for the winter ... apparently I'm excited when I'm tired) ... so I'll just leave you with pictures then head off to dream land.

R and I picking our perfect pumpkins
Heather and Christen ... my soul sisters
This was supposed to be a Christen getting sandwiched by boobs ... she has serious bubble issues ... as in ... touch her and she becomes a ninja and you die ... hence why we always have to touch her in awkward ways! Also featured are Erins (green ... supposed to be an M&M ... didn't work out so well) and Heathers pumpkins (face ... CUTE!)!
Christens' old man pumpkin! Isn't it awesome!
My pumpkin
What the boys did all night ... because painting pumpkins didn't sound as cool to them as it did to us
Fired up the Kinect for some fruit slice ... Hilarious!!!
Then for some game I don't know ... but it was funny to watch too!

One last thing ... after it was all said and done ... everything got cleaned up ... i forgot that I had promised our primary class kiddos cookies if they completed our challenge to watch conference ... hello eleven o'clock cookie making ... at least they look kinda yummy:

Ok! have a great night friends!