Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Something New ...

Hey yo! I know ... it's a couple days since I have posted and now you are all feeling Amy deprivation ... I get it ... Ha! Ok ... ok ... It wasn't that bad ... but what has kept me away is something new ... something exciting ... something scary!

So R and I are not in the best financial seat ... maybe I will tell that story one day ... it's a good one to learn from ... when I talk about divorce again I probably will talk about it ... but I hate it when I share my sob stories ... I do it only to help people ... not to make people feel bad for me ... but for some reason when I tell my financial sob story people don't think what they can get out of it (or just gain an understanding of why I can't do as much that costs money) ... they just feel bad for me ... well ... now you know that you will know how to take the story when I tell it! yay!

Anyway ... I often find myself complaining about how poor we are ...unsettled about the position that we are in in life ... not that I want to be rich ... that's not it at all ... I have just been poor my entire life (I'll tell that story too ... when I get clearance from my mommy) ... and I am ready to just be comfortable ... not have to worry about living from paycheck to paycheck ... I tell these kind of things to R all the time ... and it is not fair ... I don't do anything about it ... I just expect him to do it ... I mean ... I'm here taking care of his daughter ... which is a job ... and which is what he tells me all the time ... but I hate that I complain and yet do nothing about it. Which has brought me to what the something new that I am talking about ... My new and wonderful friend Misty called me on Monday because she was in desperate (little exaggeration there) need of someone to come with her to a meeting ... she hadn't been all summertime to her meetings and wanted to go but needed to bring someone ... so I said yes ... I needed to make new friends and she needed someone to go with her ... perfect fit! Now mind you ... I have been to these kind of parties before ... a lot before ... hasn't everyone ... and lets be honest ... they are pretty awful if you aren't interested ... but something was different this time ... I felt now that I could do this ... that I should do this ... not for the perks it provides ... but for the ability to pay off debt ... to finally get a camera or a puppy ... or even just a new shirt! So my friends ... it has happened ... I have become a

Mary-Kay Consultant!

I know ... way to bury the lead ... but there it is ... a Mary-Kay consultant. I know what you are thinking ... well ... those of you who have known me for longer than about two years ... she is too shy for that! what! Well ... yea ... that is why it is scary ... and why I will need your support ... I am terrified ... I don't know if I will be able to do it ... but I have my goals ... I really want to be out of debt ... and I really want a new camera ... and I don't want to have to wait ten years (R and I were on track for about two years to be out of debt ... but then we took on E full time ... and I could no longer work [trust me ... in Logan it makes no sense for moms to work because your entire paycheck will be going straight to day-care ... that's how little they pay you here is Logan] ... meaning debt pay off was looking more like five to ten years). I don't want to complain about anything anymore ... I have such a great and blessed life ... so I'm also trying to eliminate my complaining habits with this.

And so my friends ... I need help ... I never would ever expect anyone of my friends or family to buy things for me ... but what I need help with is the encouragement (which everyone has already proven to be amazing at with this blog)!

However ... of course ... let me know if you need/want product ... or want a facial ... I am always willing and wanting to be able to to things for people I know ... more of a comfort zone! OH! also ... If I call or text you and ask if you want a facial or want product (I am going to do this new challenge soon ... I'll announce it) ... know that I probably had to say a prayer before and am shaking when I am talking to you (no matter the amount of strength I gained from the divorce the phone still freaks me out!) ...  and so if you are going to say no please let me down gently (though some of you are already obligated to let me do whatever I want to your face ... cough ... Christen ... Erin ... cough)! haha! Not that you won't be nice ... because I already know that I have the most amazing friends, family and readers ever on the face of this planet ... I'm not just saying that to butter you up so you buy product from me ... I actually mean it!

Thanks everyone! Have a splediforous rest of your day!