Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Downton Abbey

I know ... the blog has stalled ... I need new things to talk about ... I need to be more diligent about writing ... but this time I have a totally legit reason ... get ready ... oh heck ... it's already in the title ... Downton Abbey! Due to the lack of fresh episodes of shows I currently watch combined with the need for noise while I made decorations for a baby shower equals one of the most wonderful stumble-upons ever. I'm not going to lie ... I tried to watch it before ... but the first episode was not gripping ... but it ended on such a cliffhanger (as did all the episodes) that I couldn't peel my eyes away. So for the past five days I have been fully engrossed (whenever I have had a free second) in the lives of Mary, Edith, Sybil, their parents, and of course their unforgettable proper yet lose-lipped grandmother.

I don't know what it is about this show ... R and I were talking about it (yes ... he watches with me) ... and we discovered that the show really is frustrating ... bad things keep on happening to the same people. People who you were rooting for throughout the first season you have stopped rooting for them because it seems as if they will never win. We were finally blessed with the engagement of Mary and William ... but who knows if they will even make it down the aisle (I know those of you who are watching season three probably already know the answer to this loss of hope ... but don't spoil it for us ... we are getting there ... whenever it comes up on hulu). Don't even get me started on dumb old Mr. Bates ... He was the one character who I was really rooting for ... I believed in him ... not just because he was the love of my all time favorite character (oh dear Anna, how I love thee) ... but because he seemed kind and gentle ... a real gentleman though he is a servant ... He is the one who I have lost affection for the most ... seriously ... I actually think I loathe him now ... because he can't win ... and the way he just seems to blow in the wind without fighting for what he wants. Yea ... I am done with him.

So there you have it ... my reason for absence ... good one right!

Anyway ... so I guess I should post pictures of the baby shower that I threw with my best friend and her older sister for their younger sister ... all in the family right! Christen did the food ... which was unbelievably phenomenal ... and I did the decorations. Now ... before you critique the look of this shower please remember that it was in the cultural hall (aka: gym) of a church ... which I have never been very good at decorating ... and I was in Texas for two weeks right before this shower ... procrastinator that I am, I only worked on the decorations the last two days before the shower ... regardless, I think it turned out adorable!

Colors: green and purple
Theme: rain shower/showering Alysa with love

centerpieces ... raindrops on sticks in mason jars

front ... table with lights was the food table

gift table with the diaper cloud cake (that everyone seems to be repinning on Pinterest)

different angle

I made the garland and the R ... funny story with the R ... but that Jutte that is being used to cover it right there is the third thing that I did to the R ... the other two ways were really bugging me ... so each of them got scrapped respectively
So That's it!

Have a wonderful evening my friends!