Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Oh hello old friend!

I'm baaaaack!

I want to thank my faithful followers for allowing me to take a month long hiatus from my blog so that I was able to maintain my sanity (using my super old mini netbook is on my top five things that drive me absolutely insane ... I use Rs computer), and to spend as much time with my family as I could (literally ... I love my parents and siblings so much that I start having heart palpitations when I don't see them for longer than three months). So thank you dear friends ... you are the best!

Sooo ... I had this whole post laid out ... I was going to do an update with lots of pictures ... but ... I've decided against it ... If you want to know all about my my Christmas vacation with the Schmucker clan then please let me know ... maybe I'll throw some pictures of our trip at the bottom for good measure.

Sooo ... actually ... with this post I think I am done ... I am not exactly sure that I know what to talk about here ... sooooo ... this means ... ummmm ... picture time!

cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve

I think Texas people may over do it with Christmas lights ...

... And inflatable decorations 

Love Christmas morning ... not for the presents ... but for the meaning and the love 

And the breakfast ... seriously ... best ever ... eggs Benedict ... heaven 

Es face ... love

First achievement with the easy bake oven!

Rs electric can opener that he asked for ... oh dad ... soooo funny ... almost as good as my  fry-in-pan

First thing E did when she got to the beach


E was so super scared here ... so funny ... 

U.S..S Lexington ... aka ... big boat you can tour

Mom taking out the enemy

boardwalk to the beach

hello weird bird

a lot of nurts were played this trip ... 

E loved Just Dance

She also loved getting to know her grandparents! 
Until next time San Antonio ... we love you!