Monday, January 21, 2013

slow internet and nerdy husband

today, the internet it very slow. I blame the cold. I mean ... I don't want to get out of bed in negative twenty degree weather .... but I have one thing to say to you internet ... shape up or ship out ... rather ... speed up or ship out.

Ok ... so I know the real reason why the internet is slow ... it is because my husband is a nerd ... I say that with the most affection possible ... believe me ... I love my sweet, tender, loving, nerdy husband. A nerd for a hubby can be so useful around the house ... any and all electronics are alive and kicking at any given point ... everything is neat and organized ... I no longer need to rely on comcast to install or fix things (which is a huge relief ... no offense people in India ... I really did love my chats with you all those years ago) ... really ... life is just easier when you hubby is a nerd (not to mention how tender-hearted [has everyone seen the picture of R and E playing barbies?] they are ...regardless if they admit it or not)!

Example of his greatness ... I forgot a before picture ... but R shattered the glass on his phone  ... and he replaced it himself!
ta-dah! All better!
I will say ... my sweet man who reminds me so much of wall-e, Lewis Robinson, and ... well ... I can't remember his name ... just think of the weirdest, most awkward, and funny Disney character you can think of ... combine all three and that is my hubby. What was I saying? Oh ... yes ... I will say ... when that wonderful man gets with his equally awesome step-brother josh they seem to hog all of the banwidth (I'm not going to lie ... I don't even know what that is ... so if this phrase was used incorrectly just give me credit for trying and move on). And so ... the reason as to why the internet is slow and I am unable to do anything but blog is because they are hogging the internet playing some kind of game that they played when they were younger.

I should thank them really ... I mean ... aside from it being super cute to see them play and strategize just like they are thirteen again ... it is beneficial to this blog ...   I have not been the best up-keeper of this blog in 2013 ... I mean ... I didn't even post recipes while in Texas ... well ... I tried to post my dads ziti for you (which is so good I could die) but he wouldn't let me. I will get better ... I have three on hold right now ... almost done ... so if I finish them then I will at least have four days worth of posts (no, my math is not that bad ... but your's might be if you didn't count this one you are reading!).

I guess the whole reason behind this post is to let everyone know that the best kind of husband is a nerdy husband ... you can always fix the way they dress ... but you will never have to fix who they are and what they can do! Here's to you nerds! Keep doing what you are doing ... we love you for who you are (even when you take up all the internet speed!)

love this sweet, amazing, NERDY man!