Thursday, February 28, 2013

"I have been changed for good ..."

I lost a friend today ... well ... didn't lose ... our paths just won't cross anymore on a weekly basis ... my dear friend moved to Salt Lake today. It is sad ... when someone is no longer in your daily life ... especially when that person has become such a good friend ... someone who carries some of the same burdens you do ... someone who you can talk to about them and never ever feel judged ... just feel understood. I am so grateful for every time I was able to chat with you Sarah! You always knew what to say to make me feel like less of a bad person ... you and your beautiful family will never be forgotten by us Combes.

On Sunday we had a family party at my mother in laws for both my father in law and myself ... one of the gifts I got was a CD from that same wonderful mother in law ... at first I was like ... whoa ... CD ... alrighty ... but holy cow ... I put this CD on in my car and it has been playing ever since ... it's Broadway ... for those of you wondering ... and it is fabulous!! Ok, ok, I know what you are thinking ... what does this story have to do with my initial story ... well ... let me tell you ... on that CD it has "For Good" from Wicked on there.

Don't know what I mean yet? Well ... I'll help you out ... listen to this (and try not to cry while you think of all of your old friends):

I know ... killer right ... it is the ringtone that my sister has for her best friend ... The first time I heard it I was with my BFF ... I looked at her and could only smile because I knew how true it all was ... it is one of my favorite songs from all of Broadway ... it suits so many relationships that so many people have. People may only be with us for a short time ... or they can be with us a long time before out paths diverge ... but no matter how long the encounter may be, those who you associate with will always hold the ability to help you change and grow. I feel this way about so many people ... I still remember my entire elementary school class ... my first crush ... my lacrosse team and everyone on it ... and how I hung out with every choir person in TX but was never in choir myself. Each and every one of these people ... who I remember so vividly ... shaped me into who I am  ... those who I meet from this day forward will help shape me into who I am supposed to be.

Even those hard times ... with those people who may not be the kindest to you ... they help you too. Even those people who we think we will only ever hate ... they change us too.  I will forever be grateful to my ex-husband ... because of who he was I was able to gain strength ... able to grow ... to change.

And with that I want to thank all of you who have been in my life ... who I have known for a long time ... who I only knew for a short time ... I am grateful for you all and the impact that you have had on my life.

And with that my friend ... I bid you goodnight ... remember to be thankful tonight for every person who has come and gone from your life ... they have helped you more than you know.