Friday, September 21, 2012

Craft time!

so a couple of days ago I promised a tutorial ... and here it is ... after this:

That'r right folks! My husband rocks and got me the entire blu-ray collection of Harry Potter!!! When R goes on his trips he usually brings back little things that remind him of me while he is away ... example: one time his hotel provided the same kind of lotion that I use so he brought me back the cute little bottle ... this time he stumbled across this little beaut while surfing the net and decided I had to have it ... winner!

now ... onto the tutorial ... or first should you see what you are going make ... and if you even want to make it:

A Halloween door sign!!! It is hanging a little funny ... and I just barely took the picture and it's uber dark outside ... so you will have to deal! mostly when I make things with these letters that is what I get the questions about ... how do you make those letters ... well ... here it is:

First make sure you have everything:

especially your favorite helper:

Then modge podge the front of the letter (E wanted to paint the whole thing ... so I let her ... but it is not a necessary step) ... make sure you don't put too much modge podge on there ... it will make the paper wrinkle:

Press sticky side to backside of paper:

Grab your handy-dandy exacto knife and a cutting board ... cut around the letter:

Like this: (it does NOT have to be perfect ... you most likely will have cut bits of the wood and torn bits of the paper ... don't worry ... the next step takes care of that)

Take your paint and paint the edges of the letter ... then (making sure your brush has little paint on it) lightly pull your brush over the top of the letter ... leaving paint about an inch from the edge. This will give your letter a distressed look:

Modge podge time number two! Paint modge podge on both top and sides:

And your letters are done!

now ... the rest of the craft is a bunch of paint, ribbon, and hot glue ... i'm just not sure I like it enough to give the rest of the tutorial ... HOWEVER ... if you want me to I will ... you just have to let me know ... do that and it will be the next blog I do!