Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tribute to one amazing sister on her birthday

This is Erin:

photo cred to my pal B. Brent and her awesome photography "Essence Photography" ... check her out ... she rocks

about 89% of the world already knows her or knows of her ... the other unfortunate 11% prepare yourselves ... you are about to get the in-depth scoop on a girl who you will probably meet someday! 

Erin is my big sister ... older by around 3 years ... she is the kindest, nicest, loudest girl I know. What is funny about Erin is that I have always been known as Erins little sister ... and I mean always ... I don't know how she did it, but within a semester at Utah State University (of which I had been attending for two years already) I became "Erins little sister" again ... the campus has over 25,000 students and teachers ... you have got to be kidding me right. Walking on campus with her was like walking with the president of the United States ... she couldn't walk two steps without someone saying hi to her. Eventually she moved on from college ... however, nothing changed ... just this morning she had to call me back a total of 5 times because so many people were stopping to wish her happy birthday at work. I think she will forever be my claim to fame.

The first thing to ever rocketship this girl to stardom was her ability in sports the time Erin was in second grade her soccer and softball skills were so advanced that she was playing a grade up ... and it stayed that way ... she became varsity goalie as a freshman in high school ... and was working her way to the Olympics in track and field for her javelin, shot-put, and discus throws. When we moved to Hershey, PA everyone wanted her on their team ... literally ... even my lacrosse coach would try to get me to talk to Erin about coming and being our goalie ... and I know the field hockey coach was bribing her to do the same for that team. But Erins real one true love was soccer ... well ... lets be honest ... the social aspect of it! This girl was good enough to go to the Olympics ... in fact I think that she still could be ... but man she loves to hang out with everyone instead! Sooo ... with all this sport-ability it is easy to get intimidated when playing sports with her ... she had a crush on this one little boy in fourth grade ... then she played catch with him ... bad move ... she threw too hard and hurt his hand (and his little fourth grader pride) and that was the end of that. But seriously ... she is the least intimidating person to play with ... even with me ... I liked to stand on the soccer field and count the flowers (or smash the gnats that flew above our sweaty heads) ... and yet Erin always told me that I was doing a good job ... she always gave me pointers to do better (in a nice way) ... and she always encouraged me. That is how she is with anyone who plays a sport with her ... so believe me ... she is so good it is scary ... but don't worry ... she will still tell you that you are the best (even when you clearly aren't).

Aside from sports  Erin is also known for being a very devout member of the Mormon community ... she is poised to become the next general relief society president (relief society defined here) one day ... but what you may not know about her is that when she was in ninth grade she liked to booty dance to the "Thong Song " ... don't lie ... you know you know it! But seriously ... Erin has a heart like no one I have ever met ... she loves so fully and completely that is no wonder that she has been in the relief society presidency in practically every ward she has been in ... It's like ... if you were to look in the dictionary under Christ-like love there would be a picture of Erin right next to Christ.

Now ... we can't talk about Erin without talking about her loudness ... I mean really ... it is a part her ... I love when I go looking for her at her work or church that I don't need a cell phone ... all I have to do is listen ... undoubtedly I will find her within two minutes (even though her new work is three ginormous buildings ... I still find her) ... you would think that someone being that loud would be uber annoying ... but it's not ... in fact ... I have never seen more people jazzed to be at work when working with her ... it is that loud voice, and the way she says things, that gets everyone pumped up and excited to be in a place that they may not have wanted to be earlier that day!

Finally ... the best thing about Erin (in my opinion) is her laugh ... It's like watching a movie is ten times better when she watches it with you ... there is something contagious about her laugh that makes you laugh too ... It doesn't sound funny ... ok ... maybe it does a little ... but it is the best laugh I have ever heard ... I always tried to imitate it when I was younger ... I was convinced that it was that laugh that made her so popular ... and maybe in a way it is ... Erins laugh is contagious therefore she is contagious therefore she is a superstar ... that's how I'm going to look at it anyway!

So that's it ... my tribute to my sister on her birthday ... no, this is not being posted on (though maybe I should) ... I just really love my sister ... and I know that everyone else does too ... so I needed to outline why!

Erin ... I love you sister ... you are the best sister a girl could ask for (even if you didn't teach me about makeup and fashion) ... believe me when I say that I will never be tired of being "Erins little sister"