Monday, September 17, 2012

I didn't stop blogging ... I was sick!

Oh hey! so ... I bet that since I didn't post all weekend you thought I was already giving up ... fooled ya! you don't get off that easy. E was at her moms house this past Saturday and Sunday ... so you know what that means for the other two Combes ... par-tay!!

Ooooor not ... R and I had this spectacular Saturday planned followed by a lazy Sunday ... we were going to drop E off halfway ... go to ward temple day at 11 ... go on a long hike ... finished off by the demolition derby (that is how we party here in Logan, UT). Unfortunately my body was going through a lot more than allergies this week ... it just blessed me by not giving into the bug until R got home. We made it only through the temple (where people must have thought I was super psycho and disrespectful because my head was bobbing worse that a fishing pole line with a fish on it [wow ... I have lived in a small town too long ... get me outta here]) ... then my body was done ... crash central. You know the drill ... headache, tummy ache, puking ... I'll stop there ... but you get the picture. Ugly Betty it was for the rest of the night.

Sunday I pushed myself to go to church ... R and I teach the oldest class in primary (primary is Sunday school for the kiddos aged 4 - 11) ... I couldn't let them down! Honestly, I probably should have ... I was not fun ... spent most of the lesson looking at the ground while R taught. We left an hour early (Church for the LDS faith is three hours).

Later that night I was laying on the couch ... watching Ugly Betty again ... and this is how ridiculous I was. So ... back story ... I get super emotional when I am sick ... ask my mother ... it's that bad. So R was sitting on the couch and I had my legs on him ... he was just doing this little playful bite thing on my knees when his teeth actually caught a hair ... hello tears ... I was bawling ... "why would you do that" ... "that hurt so bad" ... "I'm sick and you bit me" ... "how could you" ... anyway ... it was funny ... but that wasn't the end. R was supposed to go and pick up E in fifteen minutes ... normally I go with him ... but I was not up to a two hour car ride ... through my tears I was telling R that I didn't want him to go ... it was too long to be sick and be by myself ... all kinds of things like that ... more and more tears. Man ... this sounds depressing ... but if you know me ... you know it's not ... it's just me being ridiculous ... and it's funny. end of story ... R didn't go ... E's mom was nice enough to make the whole drive (thank you) ... and I am almost finished with season three of Ugly Betty.

And that is the story as to why there was no blogging over the weekend ... and why this blog is a little sucky on the writing side ... and why there are still no pictures being posted!

As for now ... I'm gonna go lay on the couch and put on yet another episode of Ugly Betty.