Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend Fun!

Our little Combe fam had one busy awesome weekend! E and I started ours on Friday where we got to hang out with this awesome girl and do crafts all day

E thought it would be funny to draw a smiley  on the aunt Christens arm
Look at these two amazing wreaths she made ... she is so talented!:

Then Saturday came ... The whole fam was able to go with Rs dad and step-mom to Sourdough to go fishing! Sourdough is a mountain in Huntsville, UT owned by someone ... to heck if I know who ... then lots are rented out to people ... like a country club for country folk. Anyway ... we drove to the tip top of this mountain where there is a lake ... I wasn't so much into the fishing (side note ... I hate fish ... I don't like eating fish ... I don't like having fish as pets ... ew ... this is only my second time going fishing ... I go for the social aspect) ... ew (I did catch a couple though) ... but the fall colors up in those mountains ... oh ... to die for ... I mean just look at this:

the inversion is a little bad ... hence to blue haze ... but really ... those colors on those mountains ...  I die ... the picture doesn't even do it justice
Now for some fishing pictures!

Apparently there is more prep work that goes into fishing than I thought 

E waiting to get her fishing pole ... kool-aide mustache and all

E knows how to fish
How I roll when I fish ... yolo ...

E caught the first fish! (I should add that most of the fish were caught by her ... six I think)
Papa and E with her first fish 
Rs first fish
My first fish ... no ... I will not hold it/touch it ... no ... I was not happy that it was this close to me ... yes ... I know how ridiculous I am ... no I will not change ... yes ... I can laugh at myself ... this was seconds before my dear father in law smacked my face with it ... don't mind the fingers ... E took the picture ... 
cute in-laws fishing ... love them

All our fish!! 
R and I after a long day of fishing
Thank you so much Kirk and Bev for our fin filled day of fishing ... and thank you for putting up with my squealing  squirming and screaming. We love you guys!

On the docket for today? Well ... Our Brigham City temple is getting dedicated! meaning ... the temple is now closed to the general public and will now be used for it's intended purposes ... If you want to know more about that read here ... and so R and I will go to church at 3 instead of 9am ... E is a little too young to go to a temple dedication ... you have to be 8 ...she is only 4 ... but it will be a wonderful time! I am super excited to hear the blessings and feel the spirit! 

Well friends ... I hope you have a fantastic day yourselves! Happy Sunday!