Thursday, September 20, 2012


getting a haircut is always exciting ... normally I turn all control over to my stylist ... but that's just for the cut ... color is different ... today my cut stayed the same but the color changed ... see, change for me has to be gradual in that arena ... example: I want to go dark, therefore I went more honey! After a somewhat drama filled day ... and six hours in the salon (my hair tends to pull brassy ... I spent a couple hours as a red head today ... there is still some in there too) ... we have arrived at this:

oh wait ... some of you don't know what it looked like before ... here:

That, friends, is my beautiful best friend ... sorry ... she is taken
for me that is a big difference! I wanted to be warmer for fall and I think that my stylist achieved the goal! Thanks Sarah (my stylist) for putting up with me today just so you could ensure that my hair was perfect ... you rock!

P.S. sorry for the blurry photos ... yeouch ... oh ... and my eyes are totally red ... already know ... I have really bad allergies in Logan and refuse to wear my glasses ... whoops