Sunday, November 11, 2012

Double Dates and Babies

Hey friends!

This is going to be another random post ... because there will be one directly to follow that will be my legit post ... I forgot fit throwing last week ... have to make up for it this week! But I honestly had to post on this fantastic weekend we had!

First we got to hang out with these two:

Anytime we get to hang out with my dear sister is awesome ... this time she met this guy halfway (which luckily happened to be Logan) for a date (he works on the railroad and was somewhere north of us for this eight day stint) ... they were so kind as to let us tag along!

We ate at Rs favorite restaurant Gaucho Grill ... a Brazilian Churrascaria ... much better than the critically acclaimed (at least in Utah) Rodizio Grill ... no joke ... the difference is between the two is the owners ... Rodizio's owner is an American who went to Brazil and brought the food back ... Gaucho Grill's owner is a deep south Brazilian who just brought the Gaucho culture and food up. It is seriously delicious! R served his mission in the Curitiba, Brazil. It is so fun to see the owner interact with R (he is also one of the servers), they speak Portuguese to each other and he just laughs and laughs when it takes R long to respond because it has been so many years since he has spoken the language! R says that this is the most authentic Brazilian food he has had outside of Utah ... we appreciate that it is only five minutes away from our front door!

Needless to say Friday was full of good food, good company, and a lot of laughs! We hope to see you again soon sis (you too Tyson ... thank you so much for all the laughs)!

Saturday didn't disappoint either ... R went paint balling in the morning meaning I got the entire morning to myself. I would be lying if I said I did anything more than hunker down on the couch and catch up on my guilty pleasure shows (hello Americas Next Top Model ... and a finally new Glee) ... but it has been so long since I have been able to do that ... I don't feel bad at all ... not even about my Cheetos stained fingers ... in fact it felt good ... real good.

What was most exciting was what came after ... we drove down to Layton to meet our newest little nephew ... can you say handsome?!?! I mean ... I die ... he is the cutest little boy I have ever seen! Normally, let's be honest, I don't think that babies are so cute ... sorry mommies ... maybe my view will change when I have my own peanut ... but there are a select few (I have babysat most of them) that are just super cute ... and little Nixon ... in his two day old state ... if one of the cutest! I should have gotten a picture of his lil face to prove it ... instead all I could think about was getting proof that I was holding this kid:

yup ... stuck in glasses

I know ... those of you who know me ... you are probably dying right now yourself ... I am hold a two day old babe ... normally I don't like to hold them until they are at least three months (just ask my other new niece Teanika ... I held her as a newborn for maybe a minute before freaking out and handing her back to mommy ... baby was crying ... do not like the feeling that I am going to break something so little ... three months is the earliest I like to hold babies) I had the same feelings with Nixon ... It took a lot of persuasion from mom and dad to get me to hold him ... but I am so glad I did! He was so skinny (unlike his cousins!) and so tall ... I mean ... he is for sure going to play basketball or somethings ... maybe go exactly the opposite way and play the piano ... he sure has the fingers for it ... just look:

I just die ... so cute! Congrats Janiel and Dillion for creating such an adorable and amazing little creature! I love him so much (and his awesome parents) already ... he will be spoiled by his aunt Amy that is for sure!

Finally we got to spend our Saturday night with these two:

What could be better? oh yes ... maybe this:

I just love every single last member of my family ... it makes my heart so happy to spend time with any person in it ... and I love that it is growing! The more family the better!

Ok ... have a great night ... it is late ... I think I might do my second blog tomorrow ... yanno ... the one about fit-throwing ... sorry people ... it is just getting too late ... I spent too long blog stalking rather than writing my blog ... whoops.... I'll catch up tomorrow! Have a fantabulous night and morning ... I'm going to go get some shut eye so I can keep up with E tomorrow!