Thursday, November 1, 2012


Happy day after Halloween my friends! I hope yours was as fun as ours! I mean ... I not trying to brag ... but we have some pretty awesome friends with some pretty awesome kiddos of their own which made for a pretty awesome (and somewhat dramatic) time!

But I digress ... I should first start with Sunday ... our Halloween party with Rs moms family! I'm not gonna lie ... I was a little freaked that the party was on Sunday ... I mean ... I'm not the biggest Halloween fan ... I don't like what it has become in our country ... a worship of zombies, satan, ghosts, etc. (yanno ... all the negative things) ... above all it has become a worship of sluts ... The one day a year where even the most modest of girls show a disgusting amount of skin and it is perfectly acceptable ... especially to those douche-bag guys they attract. Back on track ... basically it had become a celebration of all things I don't really like ... and to celebrate it on the Lord's day made me feel a little icky inside ... But then we got there! There is no one sweeter than Rs mom Kaedawn. She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet in your entire life ... and the environment that she creates in her home ... even when celebrating Halloween ... is warming and welcoming. I should have know ... I mean ... we go over there all the time. Sometimes I can be so closed minded ... but I am so glad that we went (not that we wouldn't have) ... It is a rare occasion where the Stott-Combe clan gets together in it's entirety (minus one missionary) ... Halloween is practically the only time (that is planned and counted on every year [we have a family reunion ... but we always seem to be missing one or two of us]) where we all gather ... and it is phenomenal ... I really wish we could do it more!

Here is the whole fam (ok ... minus two ... they were a little late :)

We started off with a scavenger hunt ... which was killer to do in five inch heels (I was gettin my jersey shore on ok) ... but totally a blast ... the two teams tied ... we ran around the neighborhood in full costume ... worth it for the looks we got ... love this family!

Next was the annual pumpkin carving contest ... R always seems to win this one ... but he didn't this year! everyone did some crazy cool pumpkins! Rs step-bro Josh kills me ... he comes fully prepared to kick some major trash ... this year he did! winning by a landslide with some kind of Hawaiian looking pumpkin! Unfortunately I was not the greatest photographer this party ... I was too wrapped up in the fun of it ... and didn't get a single picture! Luckily grandma took this picture of E sitting next to Rs owl pumpkin ... I thought he did a stellar job ... but it was way too cutesy for the judges:

stole this off facebook ... thanks!

Our Halloween celebrations continued on Wednesday where Es school had an all day party ... basically E was in her costume all day long! First, I have to thank my dear best friend for the costume ... without here I would not have been brave enough to attempt it ... She made the fabulous tutu ... don't you just die at how cute it is:

Not the best picture ... just the best to show the costume
The shirt was a little bit of a different story ... one thing you should know about me if you follow my crafts ... I don't sew ... no part of me can do it ... I sewed three things onto that old navy shirt and called it good ... not only are those three things a little lopsided ... but they also took be five hours ... this is not a joke ... R and I were laughing the entire time I was doing it! I was lucky to have it turn out wearable ... because honestly ... I was completely done at this point!

E was tangled ... yanno ... Rapunzel ... Es hair is ultra super mega long ... and perfect ... and completely jealousy worthy ... and so that is what she wanted to be ... all because she has long hair! I'm down! I'm going to post a couple more pictures before I finish with my story ... because ... well ... you have to see them:

Doesn't that face just kill you!
Rs work had a party on Wednesday too ... for families ... so we decided to hit it up before we went trick-or-treating ... it was so fun ... R went dressed as a "blue man" courtesy of his brother Skylar who is on a mission and has no idea that he rifled through his stuff to find his blue fan suit! It was hilarious ... everyone kept telling me how much they liked R in that suit because he was so animated ... apparently R is shy at work ... who knew!

After that party we headed straight back up to Rs moms house ... here in Utah it is a well known fact that the higher up on the hill you go the better the candy ... and so we (our friends and us) all decided to meet at Rs moms house and trick-or-treat up there! we got there about an hour before our friends were going to arrive and so R had to find something to fill his time ... so he did this:

I know ... the picture quality sucks ... but it is still hilarious!
He hid in the bushes and freaked kids out ... it was Halloween right!

When our friends showed up we took our kids trick-or-treating ... holy hilarious! There were four little girls (one only a baby) and one little boy ... E was the oldest ... it was so fun! I am so mad I didn't get any pictures! One of the little girls kept tripping ... but was such a strong little girl and didn't cry once! E kept running way far ahead of her friends and stealing all of the door knocks ... while the last little girl has such an old soul and was ready to be done after only a few houses! They were all just so cute and it was so much fun to walk around with the other parents and have grown-up conversations! Thanks so much for the awesome time Swopes and Deans ... you are all fantastic!

That was our Halloween! Hope you enjoyed hearing about it!