Friday, November 2, 2012

Summer Salsa

This summer my mommy, sister, and I traveled to my favorite place in the entire world ... New York ... I have a lot of family on Long Island ... One of my very beautiful cousins was getting married. When we were there My sister introduced all of us (aunt, cousins, and us) to her creation of Summer salsa ... super delicious ... not like regular salsa that heats up your mouth and belly, this salsa is cool and refreshing ... just what we needed to beat the humidity (that and a very amazing pool provided by a very amazing aunt) ... I don't know what it was about this past weekend ... be it the devastation from hurricane Sandy ... or the anxiety and worry I felt for my family back there (and my best friend ... who happened to be visiting there ... and is still stuck there) ... or just because I miss that place on a daily basis ... but I started craving some New York summer salsa.

And so I made it ... and posted a picture on Instagram because it is soooo colorful and delicious ... and I got a request from an old friend for the recipe ... and I realized that not only for the wonderful AmyAnn did I need to post this recipe ... but to show my support and encouragement for New York ... it has just been devastated by a stupid hurricane ... but the people of New York are amazing and resilient and will come back bigger and stronger than ever! And so to honor New York and show the many city, towns, and people my love and support here is the summer salsa recipe (you will just die at how easy this is):

Summer Salsa:

1 green bell pepper
1 red bell pepper
1 yellow bell pepper
1 orange bell pepper
1 red onion (if you like a sweeter taste do a white onion)
Newmans Own brand Italian dressing (trust me)

Cut up pepper and onion as small as you like (remember it is salsa ... so really small is best). Add dressing to taste.

Seriously ... that is it ... and you will just die at the taste of it ... delicious ... refreshing ... and super duper easy!

About the Italian dressing ... it really needs to be the Newmans Own brand ... I have tried other brands ... its ok ... but never as good as Newmans Own ... like ... not even close ... not even on the same planet of taste ... that is how important it is to get Newmans Own Italian dressing (not the creamy kind either).

Have a great night! I think that two posts is enough for one night!