Thursday, November 8, 2012

I should blog ...

So ... I know that I should blog ... but I don't really want to ... I mean ... I love to write ... and I actually do have stuff to write about ... like ... totally didn't realize the week was over and so I didn't blog about my most recent fit throwing experiences and I actually didn't even start the new experiment for the new week! That may be good because I need to make a chart for my final week ... E is gone this weekend and R is going paint-balling Saturday morning so I might actually be able to get the chart done! Yes!

Or maybe I could talk about recipe group that I went to tonight ... which was AWESOME! Seriously ... I absolutely love those girls ... and the time I get to spend chatting and eating delicious food! I could even post my recipe on here ... ok ... should ... but I didn't even take a picture! When I get down to San Antonio for Christmas is when I will post it ... along with about a zillion others that come from my daddy's special secret recipe book (that's in his head because he goes on flavor ... yea ... that good) because ... hello ... my dad is practically the best chef in the world ... I kid not ... he is. So be excited for that!

Or maybe I should even blog about this new eye condition that I have ... forgot the name ...basically my eye got an infection two to three months ago and my eye is still acting as it it was there ... apparently I have white blood cells that have grouped together in multiple points in each eye (he described it as one of them looks like a snowflake) ... they have caused little raised bumps on my eyes ... he said that if one of them burst it could get a bug inside of it and the bug could eat the inside of my eye gone in two days ... yea ... fun ... apparently wearing my contacts could rub the bumps until they rupture ... so getting a bug to eat my eye out is completely possible (dang ... wasn't Halloween last week). So he put my eyes on steroids and forbid me to wear my contact ... I have had to do drops every two hours all day today and then transition to five times a day for the next week ... kill me ... I hate doing stupid drops in my eyes ... freaks me out. I also can't stand my glasses ... not to cutest ... but whatever ... I don't want bugs crawling around in my eyes making me blind! But this answers why it has looked looked like I have been on drugs the past three months (my eyes have been mega red) ... and hopefully it will take care of the super soreness that I have had. What worries me ... he said it was supposed to start feeling better basically immediately ... if it doesn't then I need to go in tomorrow ... they haven't been feeling better yet ... we will see.

Or I could blog tonight's dinner ... in which I was severely disappointed with Martha Stuart ... but it is worth a post ... and a rant ... maybe I'll do that sometime.

Ok ... ok ... I get it ... I have severely lacked with the whole blogging this week ... I just don't know where the week has gone .... have you ever had one of those weeks? Where it's Sunday and then you blink and it is all of a sudden late Thursday night? I am trying to look back on my week and I cannot remember how it went ... I mean ... Monday I had a hangover ... No, I don't drink ... you know that ... but I had a hangover from too much Novocaine ... no ... I didn't know that could happen either ... but man when that numbness wore off (which went all the way up to my eye and over to my ear) I had a massive headache (called mommy dearest and told her of my health trials this past little while and she laughed at me ... I mean ... I am only 24 ... she couldn't have been more right ... I need to get back to the gym)! couldn't believe it ... drugs are dumb (and wonderful ... I would never ever go to that devil of a place called the dentist without them). But other that that I cannot think of how dear ol E and I spent our week ... crazy right! I am sure you have all had that week!

Random fact ... I am sitting here watching cupcake wars as I blog and I no longer have the desire to open a cupcake shop ... just thought you should know.

Whelp ... have a great night my friends ... I promise that next week I will blog more consistently! Be safe out there my Loganite friends with the snow coming tomorrow!

P.S. I didn't go back and proofread this like I usually do (or have R do [those are the days with the most mistakes ... ha!] ) so I apologize for the grammar and spelling mistakes that are inevitably there ... I'm starting to get tired and R is playing his MoH game. So deal.