Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Election ... and to help get off that subject I present: Chicken Ranch Tacos

Oh hey everyone! So ... I am refusing to talk about the election ... maybe I shouldn't refuse ... it is not like I am mad about the outcome (mostly) ... I am not going to scream and yell that the world is ending ... do I think that America is in for a wild ride ... quite possibly ... not because I think Obama is a bad guy ... I'm just not on his side for a lot of issues (before you yell and scream that I am not for "love for everyone" get off my back ... I'm absolutely not going to talk about that ... give me the benefit of the doubt before you judge me). This is not to say that I was 100% for Romney either ... because I'm not ... when I took that dang questionnaire that was floating around facebook where you answered questions about the issues at hand I was only 78% for Romney ... that may seem like a lot to some people ... but for me it isn't ... I was surprised ... I thought I was Republican through and through ... turns out I'm not. From there I decided to research the issues (no ... I am still not the most informed voter there could be) ... and this is what I have deduced that I stand for (I am sorry in advance if I offend anyone ... but this is a country of free speech) ... I believe that people should work hard for what they get ... to not be given things because life gets "hard" ... I may be upset at the 1% from time to time ... but that is because I am jealous ... I know that they have worked hard for what they have gotten ... I know that if R and I weather this financial storm and our situation in life that we can become part of the 1% ... because that is what being a part of America is ... we can all succeed if we work hard enough ... therefore ... I believe in hard work. I believe that America is one of the strongest countries out there and that we should remain that way ... if we are going to help other countries we should get something out of it ... trade ... if we ... as America ... are to slip from being a 1st world country (apparently because we are bullies) then who will be there to help countries ... who will be there to help us ... just because we will no longer have nuclear weapons (which in a way I support ...) there is no way that other countries won't ... if we slip in strength how will that eventually affect our own people ... therefore ... I believe in the strength of America.

Wow ... I really didn't want to speak on politics ... but I did ... ha! I guess I will conclude with what I said on Facebook tonight ... "I may not have voted the way the election went ... But I know that Heavenly Father is at the helm ... I place my faith in him ... I am grateful for this country ... I am grateful for the fullness of the gospel ... I am grateful for the knowledge that everything will work out the way it is supposed to ... Have hope and faith my friends ... Heavenly Father has got your back :)" ... And that my friends ... is how I really feel about the outcome of this election!

Onto what I really wanted to blog about tonight ... food!!!

I stumbled upon this delicious sounding recipe on none other that pinterest ... the link to to actual website is here ... When I looked onto the blog that had this recipe I was shocked that it was different from what was posted on ... usually I will go to the website and pin the pin myself ... but with my phone I have started just repinning things ... and I am so glad that I did that with this new recipe ... it was so tender and juicy and tasted so good! Here it is for you:

Chicken Ranch Tacos:

4-6 chicken breasts
1 can chicken broth
1 pkg taco seasoning
1 pkg dry ranch dressing
favorite taco toppings (lettuce, cheese, olives, beans, etc.)

Put all ingredients (except toppings) in crock pot and cook (4-6 hrs low ... 6-8 hrs high). Thirty minutes before dinner take chicken out of crock pot and shred. Put chicken back in crock pot for those final thirty minutes. Serve on tortillas with your favorite taco toppings (we did ranch dressing, lettuce, cheddar cheese and black olives). Enjoy!

Easy! Love it!

Ok friends ... have a fantastic night!