Thursday, November 15, 2012

I think my ear officially fell off ...

Who knew little four year olds talk so much ... I mean ... I am sure that all of you moms out there are laughing at me ... I don't blame you ... I mean ... I am the owner of a living breathing human being ... no matter the size she is real ... believe me ... she has pinched me enough for me to know.

What I was not prepared for was how constant it is! I am seriously super surprised that I am still posses two functioning ears.

I am not saying that this is a bad thing ... because it is not ... I have learned a few tricks ... first ... her voice is one that I absolutely adore ... it is so quintessentially little girl ... and I love hearing it ... that makes it more bearable. Second ... I have learned how to tune it out ... don't freak out ... I still know when she is asking a question ... It's like selective hearing level boss ... not patting myself on the back ... but I think I am getting into this mom thing ... yanno ... getting the super powers that all moms have (believe me ... you have to have super powers in order to be a mom ... I think that since I still don't feel ready [or am fully willing] to be a mom I notice these things more ...they really help me).

Es talking has recently reached a constant level ... I'm thinking its been about only the last three weeks to a month ... holy moly bageezuz ... it is constant ... if its not talking to me or R it is singing ... or telling herself stories ... It is fantastic to see her amazing growth ... but I mean ... I don't think I have matured enough for this ... let me enlighten you ... When my bouncing adorable baby bro was around her age I remember his questions ... all the time ... about everything ... even during movies ... I remember getting angry at him a lot ... like ... lets watch and all find out together ... It is a good thing he was cute ... because man ... I cringed at every question! What is bad is I still find myself doing this ... I recently read that the average four year old asks upwards of 538 questions every day .... not gonna lie ... I believe it ... and I still find myself cringing ... at every questions ... Ill get over that sometime right??

My favorite thing to come out of this definitely has got to be our conversation right before I go to the bathroom ... this is not an exaggeration. I think it's rude when someone just leaves when I am talking ... so I try not to do that to E ... Ill bow out of the conversation (which we are almost always in) by telling her I need to use the restroom ... the question that always follows is "is it poo or pee" ... if I say pee then the response is this "oh good, you wont take long then" ... if I say poo she says "Ok, but try not to take to long because I have to ask (she uses ask instead of tell right now ... trying to break that habit) you something" ... I am not kidding you .... this is about 99.9% of the time when I have to use the bathroom in my own home ... sometimes I say I have to poo even if it is just pee because I need that extra thirty seconds of solitary quiet ... it has become like gold to me ... I am even considering waking up an hour earlier to do yoga so I can relish in this silence ... and for those of you who know me know how big of a deal that is ... I really love my sleep!

I should be learning to relish in E instead of relishing in silence ... this phase in her life will pass all to quickly and before we know it she will be a grumpy old teenager who says two words to her parents ... we will be begging and praying for her to speak! But it is so hard to see that right now! I'll get there ... I'll get there ...

So what I guess I am saying ... or, what we should take away:
  1. Sometimes it is ok to tune your children out ... as long as you are there to answer the important questions and to talk about the important things ... and as long as you are giving them the amount of attention they need ...
  2. Relish in the moments that you have right now ... they will be gone tomorrow
  3. It is ok to say you have to do a number two when really all it is is number one (I'm talking bodily functions here) ... especially when whatever is driving you to take just thirty extra seconds could potentially ruin the entire day (your attitude ... her attitude ... the sudden image of putting tape over your child's mouth pops into your head).